14 Important Things a Buyer Should Do after Getting a Contract Ratified

1.  Submit the earnest money to you buyer’s agent if you didn’t do this when you signed the offer.

2.  Select a closing attorney and set a closing date.

3.  Schedule a home inspection.

4.  If this is not a cash offer complete the mortgage application with your lender.

5.  Do not change jobs prior to closing on the purchase of your new home.

6.  Do not make any large purchases prior to closing on the purchase of your new home.  (Both item #5 and #6 could greatly affect your ability to obtain financing.)

7.  Address and resolve any contingencies on the ratified contract.

8.  Plan an prepare your moving arrangements.

9.  Change over all utilities to your name prior to closing.

10.  Get your down payment funds in order.

11.  At least 3 days prior to closing you should have a HUD-1 (closing settlement statement) for your review.

12.  Bring the closing monies in the form of a cahiers check, money order, or wired to the closing attorney ahead of time.  A personal check will not be accepted.

13.  Attend the closing.

14.  Move in your new home and enjoy it!

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