5 Things to do Before You Start Looking For Your New Home

Home buyers can begin the search for the perfect new home by creating a solid plan that covers all of the necessary components of home ownership, as outlined below:

1.  Select a Knowledgeable Realtor: Find an agent that you trust and understands your needs to be your guide and consultant.

2.  Examine Finances: All potential buyers should take a good look at their financial situation before embarking on home ownership. While upfront prices may be low, the month-to-month costs of home ownership can add up. Income, credit rating and current monthly expenses should all be taken into account when determining how much can be spent on a new home. Visiting a professional lender is the best way to get an accurate budget for home purchase.

3.  Research Loans: The majority of home buyers will require some type of loan to cover the purchase of a new home. Buyers should shop around for the best deal by contacting several lenders to compare interest rates. The more knowledge a buyer has of the lending market, the better he will be able to negotiate for the best rates.

4.  Find the Right Home: Once a buyer has determined how much they can spend and has secured the necessary loans, it is time to shop for the right home. Buyers should make a list of the various features and amenities they want in their ideal home and neighborhood.

5.  Submit an offer:  Place in writing all the all the terms and conditions you want.  When all the documents have been thoroughly read, all the terms have been agreed upon, and the contact is signed by both the buyers and sellers, you have a ratified contract and are ready to close the deal and go to settlement.

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