14 Questions Real Estate Agents Should ask Sellers

The Charleston, South Carolina area is a great place to live or have a vacation home.  The weather is great, the beaches are fantastic, golf courses are abundant, there are many historical sites, the architecture is unbelievable, the dining is unbeatable, and the people are the friendliest in the country.  It is because of these reasons that I believe Charleston SC Real Estate is truly unique.  I look forward to helping you with any of your Charleston SC Real Estate needs in Charleston, Berkeley, or Dorchester counties. Today’s article is titled:

14 Questions Real Estate Agents Should ask Sellers

Below are 14 questions a real estate agent should ask a seller when determining the motivation level of a prospective seller.

1. How long have you lived here? 

2. Who owns the house?

3. Do you own the house free and clear, or do you have a mortgage?

4. Do you know about how much you owe on the current mortgage?

3. What are your plans for the future regarding this home?

4. Can you think of any situation when it would make sense to sell the home?

5. If you sold the house, when would you want to sell it?

6. How much would you expect to sell your home for?

7. Where would you want to move to?

8. Would it make sense for us to help you determine the value of your home?

9. Do you have your home currently listed with a real estate agent?

10.   If your home is not listed, would like to discuss selling your home?

11.   Does the house need any repairs? 

12.  Are you prepared to spend money necessary to repair the house or would you rather sell it “as-is” and let the buyer make repairs?

13.  Do you own any other real estate you would be interested in selling?

14.   Are you interested in buying more real estate?

As always, your thoughts, questions, or comments are greatly appreciated.

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