Fort Moultrie Nature's Defense for Sullivan’s Island and Charleston

The Charleston, South Carolina area is a great place to live or have a vacation home.  The weather is great, the beaches are fantastic, golf courses are abundant, there are many historical sites, the architecture is unbelievable, the dining is unbeatable, and the people are the friendliest in the country.  It is because of these reasons that I believe Charleston SC Real Estate is truly unique.  I look forward to helping you with any of your Charleston SC Real Estate needs in Charleston, Berkeley, or Dorchester counties. Today’s article is titled:

Fort Moultrie Nature's Defense for Sullivan’s Island and Charleston

While now Fort Moultrie Monument is now a part of the National Park Service.  In 1776 it was Fort Moultrie was built as a first line of defense for Charleston Harbor and the city of Charleston as tensions against the British Fleet rose.

Fort Moultrie on sullivans Island, Charleston Homes For Sale

Daniel Cannon, a public servant and a carpenter by trade was charged with the responsibility to construct Fort Moultrie on Sullivan’s Island.  There was not enough time to import stone or make the thousands of bricks that would be needed so Cannon took advantage of the natural resources at hand and the material he was most familiar with wood, along with the abundant resource of sand.  The most common wood on the Island was the Palmetto tree which was long and straight with no limbs making them perfect for laying horizontally and stacking them vertically in rows.  The Palmetto tree’s wood is fibrous, absorbent, and spongy and would not shatter when struck with cannon balls as pine and oak wood will do.   The construction of Fort Moultrie was done in sections with each section being built as a box 16’ wide and 16” tall walls of Palmetto trees.  The box was filled with sand.  That depth of sand was impenetrable by any British artillery. 

While in reality the sand probably saved the day, the for the Palmetto Tree got all the credit as the South Carolina State Flag was born here, a flag that bore a crescent and a Palmetto Tree over Fort Moultrie.  This flag became known as a symbol for independence.

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