West Ashley Homes For Sale : The Coburg Cow A West Ashley Icon

The Charleston, South Carolina area is a great place to live or have a vacation home.  The weather is great, the beaches are fantastic, golf courses are abundant, there are many historical sites, the architecture is unbelievable, the dining is unbeatable, and the people are the friendliest in the country.  It is because of these reasons that I believe Charleston SC Real Estate is truly unique.  I look forward to helping you with any of your Charleston SC Real Estate needs in Charleston, Berkeley, or Dorchester counties. Today’s article is titled:

West Ashley Homes For Sale : The Coburg Cow A West Ashley Icon

I believe the most definitive landmark in West Ashley is the Coburg Cow Sign.    Personally it is my favorite advertising sign in all of Charleston.  The Coburg Cow is located at the corner of Savannah Highway and Coburg Road and is at the site of the original Coburg Dairy in West Ashley.  This alone is a testament to West Ashley’s growth.  Where there was once a dairy with pastures and cornfields now is home to many residential subdivisions and commercial businesses today.

         Christmas Coburg Cow             Christmas Coburg Cow

The Coburg Dairy sign was first erected in the 1920’s and evolved to the three dimensional Coburg Cow sign by the 1960’s.  The Coburg Cow was in storage at the time of Hugo.  The neon sign present at that time was totally destroy.  The sign was rebuilt and the Coburg Cow was restored to its place of prominence and has been there ever since.  The Coburg Cow changes her decorum for each of the major holidays and is a Chocolate Cow most of the time between holidays.  My favorite is the Christmas Eggnog Coburg Cow.                                                                                                                              

Chocolate Coburg Cow,  West Ashley Homes for Sale                           4th of July Couburg Cow

In the spring of 2001 the City of Charleston in its infinite wisdom decreed that the Coburg Cow was in violation of a signage/zoning regulation and that it had to be demolished.  The outcry from the public was immediate, loud, and persistent.  In response to the outpouring of public support the City of Charleston issued a permanent wavier for the Coburg Cow sign allowing it to remain a major Icon ov West Ashley and the City of Charleston.
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